Student Coaching:

We provide free student coaching to our clients, our specialized team is trained in student coaching, we analyse your profile, needs and wants and create a tailored proposal for your personal needs. We assist you achieving:

  • Personal (cultural and social) growth
  • Educational development
  • Professional goals
  • Financial growth

Our student coaching program is focused on helping you grow, we grow together (the more you grow, the more we grow)


  • We help you select the country, city and education provider.
  • We provide educational advisory and process the application to the educational institutions
  • We create specialized events to help you improve your language level and professional skills.

Affiliate Program:

We have the most modern and specialized affiliate program in the education industry, our collaborative approach invites our students to make a career in the education industry and concentrate in mentoring them to become:

  • STUNET Affiliates
  • STUNET Staff Members
  • STUNET Franchisees

We believe in you, our grassroots strategy focuses in creating the largest student community ever. We are all part of the same community and we grow together, we train, guide and coach you in the process.

Student Entrepreneurship Program:

We run a free entrepreneurship program for our students, we love to see our students grow. If you have a business idea you will have the chance to be mentored by us, we strongly believe that Australia is the new land of opportunities and we support our entrepreneurs. Take the risk, build your company, we support you in the pre-incubation, incubation and acceleration phases of your startup, for free.


  • We support you in the visa application process
  • We gather and analyse the documents prior to the lodgement
  • We provide migration orientation (when required), through our immigration specialists.
  • We arrange medical examinations when required


We assist you seeking the best accommodation options in each city. Student peace of mind is very important for us, we consider accommodation key for education success, this is why we focus in providing the best options for our students. We have extensive experience seeking accommodation opportunities in Australia, just let us assist you.

Health Insurances:

Insurance is mandatory for international students in Australia (OSHC), we have years of experience dealing with insurance providers, we assist our students select the most appropriate insurance service based on their needs.


We offer the best welcome service to our students, we provide:

  • Free airport pick up
  • Free adaptation guidance
  • Free city orientation Free guidance in:
    • Opening bank accounts
    • Currency exchange
    • Mobile phone plan
    • Transportation cards
  • Introduction to the education provider
  • Free emergency support and assistance

Job Seeking:

We support you by:

  • Mentoring in preparing your resume and cover letter
  • Guidance in certificates by industry
  • How to look for work
  • Job seminars, workshops, courses and activities
  • Alliances with companies that offer student positions
  • Tax return and guidance


We are the education agency with more events experience in Australia, our team has created and participated the following events: 

  • Student Boat Parties
  • Cultural Events with embassies and consulates (Colombia, Nepal and Bangladesh)
  • Latin Markets
  • Andres Lopez Tour
  • Juan Luis Guerra Australian Tour
  • Fonseca Tour
  • Willy Colon Tour
  • Nejo y Dalmata concert
  • Jerau Australian Concert
  • Los de Adentro Concert
  • Carlos “Pibe” Valderrama Soccer Game (in alliance with SBS Television)
  • Concerts during the Soccer World Cup in Russia 2018

We normally roll our events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we also aim to do so in other cities