STUNET is the first education agency that focuses in creating a collaborative student community, we focus in offering the best student services in the industry. All of us have started like you, with the dream to study abroad, after many years of experience we can transmit all this knowledge to you. Our community works like a tribe, each member focuses in helping each other, the more we help each other, the more we grow.

We differentiate from other education agencies because we focus in coaching our students in growing on personal, social, cultural, educational, professional and financial way. We focus our efforts in helping you achieve your goals, your goals are our goals. We are aware that many agencies offer similar portfolios between them, we focus in offering tailored solutions for your educational needs. We have more than 8 years of experience and we transmit it all to our students, be part of our student community.

Our head office is in Sydney, Australia, we have an aggressive expansion plan and we are growing as you read this. Our grassroots strategy allows us grow with our students, many of them are working hard to become our affiliates, staff member and franchisees.